Paris discussions off on a good start

troika2222222Talks between Greek government representatives and the troika are being held in Paris, France with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras keen to secure a series of positive concessions.


PASOK leadership under fire

Andreas Papandreou

There is no doubt that the Socialist PASOK party, which had ruled Greece for decades  and forms part of the ruling coalition today, has shaped the face of modern greek politics in many ways.


Russian embargo, Greek tragedy

rodakinaAs the dust settles on Russia’s decision to ban imports on European Union and US products, manufacturers across the globe are calculating their expected losses over the coming years. For an economy (still) on the brink of meltdown however, the implications for Greece in particular can be catastrophic.


Alpha Bank:ENFIA property tax 'unfixable'

ALPHA1The Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA) in its current form "cannot be corrected," according to a weekly analysis issued by Alpha Bank on Friday. This asserted that present levels of taxation on real estate in Greece were excessive and might put the emerging economic recovery at risk.


Bad loans a time bomb

daneiaDevelopment Minister Nikos Dendias called the bad loans a time bomb, in an interview with Real News Sunday newspaper.He said that the troika of Greece's lenders had sent a few days ago its first comments regarding his ministry's proposal on the bad loans.

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