We agree to … disagree

troika2222222It’s not the first time that media and public play the role of audience in a very open dispute between the Greek government and the troika. Once again, the hard stance of the lenders is leaving very few options to the Greek officials who are desperately trying to secure concessions and approval regarding the economy’s performance.


2015 budget ready

vouliiiiiiiiiAlthough drafting the Greek national budget cannot be an easy task any year, the 2015 budget must have been a real challenge to put together. Friday November 21st has been earmarked as the day the budget for the new year will be presented to Parliament, it has been announced. Just before deputy Finance Minister, Mr Staikuras will be presenting it to the Central State Accounting Authority.


Pensions hanging by a thread … again

euros flyingDecades of announced reforms, legislation, plans and more announcements and once again we learn that the main pension provider in Greece, IKA (Social Insurance Institute) had to borrow 50million euros to be able to pay pensions in December.


Greek Universities caught in violent clashes

epeisodia3It is not easy to imagine that Greek Universities actually have any time left to ‘produce’ learning and enlighten students in any way, shape or form. Events on Thursday morning, where police clashed with youths at the University of Athens and the Law School, are sad proof that once again Greek Universities grab the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.


Provolopoulos spills the beans

provopoulosAs Chairman of the Bank of Greece we knew him to be a man of very few words – slight upturned smile and a constant inquisitive look. But in a new interview, Mr George Provopoulos proved to be a lot more vocal than most of us thought.


LAOS leader caught up in corruption scandal

daneiaYet another trail of possible corruption, bribery and offshore bank accounts for a Greek political leader? The pattern seems too obvious – the evidence emerging and shaping itself into a story, almost incredulous.

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