Political rollercoaster with unclear ending

ptdWith the second round of the presidential election official over in the Greek Parliament it is now clear that Mr Dimas will probably be unable to ‘rally the troops’ on December 29th, day of the third round.

Even after Mr Antonis Samaras’ lukewarm speech on the weekend, Mr Dimas gathered just 168 votes in the second round.

At the same time, the ongoing political scenery seem s to be ever-shifting. Mr Kouvelis already announced what he would never do – well up to a few weeks ago: the Democratic Left’s collaboration with SYRIZA. Democratic Left MPs are already reacting to the decision and this morning another one declared her independence from the party. And if that is not enough, December 30th is most likely the day, George Papandreou has set aside to announce the formation of a new political party.

This latest development is considered key to the results of an upcoming general election. The Papandreou name can still gather throngs of support – voters that are now finding refuge away from the current PASOK and under the SYRIZA umbrella. Mr Papandreou will be appealing to the same pool of voters that POTAMI, PASOK, DIMAR and SYRIZA are hoping to gain votes from. To what extent, Mr Papandreou will affect SYRIZA’s chances of winning is not clear, but the effect is definite.

PASOK leader, Mr Venizelos has already reacted to the news that he considers the breakdown of PASOK; and he is not all that wrong. PASOK with its minimal appeal and past glow is likely to survive only in name after Mr Papandreou is done preparing for the elections.

New Democracy might be appearing unscathed by the left’s turmoil, however the threat of the Independent Greeks is still prevalent, plus New Democracy has other more pressing concerns. In spite of warnings from its traditional base, the party has grown and evolved away from the centre and more towards the extreme right, internalizing far-right members (Mr Voridis’ part is certainly not a secret and neither and Mr Adonis Georgiadis’ views) – instead of alienating, New Democracy decided to internalize these different voices and Mr Samaras’ watch and as it prepares for elections, we cannot help but wonder which ideology does the party stand for.

All analysts point to January 25th, 2015 as the most likely date for general elections. And it is expected to be quite a ride.

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