The weariness of the battle

boylhPoliticians are somehow immune to the constant barrage of news items and rumors that are hitting Greek citizens like waves time and again for years now. Following Wednesday’s miserable performance of unity and solidarity in the Greek Parliament, the country is edging towards general elections in early 2015 – and at the same time global media are once again using words like ‘Grexit’ and bankruptcy.

This is nothing novel of course, panic, fear and downright intimidation have repeatedly formed parts of the daily media narrative in the Greek media and elsewhere. Emotional blackmail has played a huge role as well. This is probably why Mr Dimas’ candidature barely managed to gather 160 votes on Wednesday. MP’s, same as the people in their constituencies are tired. They are tired of the speculation, the underhanded attacks and a fear of the future, especially when the present is hardly a dream-come-true.

General elections might lead to financial demise, it might be a disaster or it might actually be ok. But talking to the people on the streets it is easy to find out that most people simply cannot care anymore. What matters to the country and hence to them and their families is very important to them – but there is simply not enough political energy left amongst the citizens to fight back or even support specific policies. A few years back political parties would have been able to rally support and consolidate their shares of the votes as elections would be approaching. However, we are not observing this now – people are not gearing up or getting more and more emotional. Most simply shrug and accept a SYRIZA government as a reality, regardless of whether they will vote for SYRIZA or not.

Prime Minister Mr Antonis Samaras is probably sensing this social weariness – and he probably feels it too. He appears resigned to the fact that he can do very little to change current circumstances and the lack of European support in his government is not helping.

Over the last few weeks of 2014, Greece will be undergoing profound shifts in its collective political consciousness. No matter what the outcome of the Presidential election, 2015 will dawn on a different country compared to the one on which the sun will set on December 31st, 2014.  

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