The bailout will increase homosexuality

mixelogiannakisToday is day of the first Presidential Election, but we want to turn your attention to the Members of Parliament, to whom we Greeks have entrusted the fate of this nation. And one of them has in fact made the statement above in 2012...

SYRIZA MP, Yiannis Michelogiannakis, previously of DIMAR and PASOK glory recently hit the news by going on hunger strike as an act of solidarity to the Syrian refugees that had camped in the Syntagma square in Athens for weeks. His hunger strike was interrupted by rain, we followed him going to the high profile coffee shops in the area to shelter himself and even pick something to nibble on from a plastic bag (that was actually medicine apparently).

Mr Michelogiannakis had actually warned his audience that with the bailout deal that the government was implementing was turning young people gay since it is making Greeks too poor to procreate. And even though he is now saying he was joking – video footage suggests otherwise. A few days after that statement Mr Michelogiannakis was welcomed to the SYRIZA ranks and has been part of the party’s MP team since then. We are not sure if more Greeks are gay as a direct result of the financial crisis but making reference to it as a valid concern is certainly ludicrous. And probably contradicts with EU human rights directive, Greece has ever entered into.

Why are we underlining this now? It is certainly too easy to mock Mr Michelogiannakis, but this is not the point here. The point is to attempt to profile the country’s representatives and to ask the hard questions, basically what do parties look for in their candidates? What does the electorate look for in those who represent them in the Parliament?

Mr Michelogiannakis is not alone in his absurdity – the current Parliament includes a number of members who reflect radical and downright ludicrous views. From the Golden Dawn team who considers it ok to swear and shout while in session, to individuals who are willing to warn off the advent of homosexuality. Or even SYRIZA’s Mr Stathas who referred to Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble as the ‘lame one’.

Is this the crisis showing its worst face? It is hard to tell – but no matter whether we are gay or straight and where our individual political affiliations may lie we have a responsibility to ourselves and fellow citizens to make those decisions that serve this country best .

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