Kountoura highlights Greece’s attractions for Russian tourists


The ties that unite Greece and Russia and the common elements between the two peoples were highlighted at the 2nd Greek-Russian Forum on “Interregional tourist cooperation between Greece and Russia”, which is taking place on Monday in Halkidiki.

Greek Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, who delivered the opening address, stressed the reasons why Greece is an attractive destination for Russians. Even Russian astronauts, she said, choose Greece, with preferences in Evia and Crete, for their recovery and rehabilitation after space flight.

Kountoura referred to the Greek-Russian Year of Tourism, marking it as a great celebration for the strengthening of relations between the two peoples and for increasing each other’s tourist flows. At the same time, however, she said, there is a great opportunity for it to act as a pillar of interregional partnership with the support of the private sector.

Kountoura presented the axes around which the tourist product of our country is developing and all the elements that make it unique.

“Accommodation is of high quality and offers great value for money,” she explained, adding that Greece has luxury hotels and resorts, as well as boutique hotels all over the country, offering amazing services, tranquillity and privacy able to meet the demands of every visitor, including the needs of families. “Over the last three years, we attracted 350 investment plans, adding 25,000 new beds to 4- and 5-star units across the country,” she said.

On his part, the head of the Russian delegation, deputy head of the Russian Federation of Tourism, Sergei Korniev, stressed that Greece offers one of the best tourist products in the world and has all types of tourism.

“The Russian visitor comes again and again and selects Greece deliberately. He is a repeater,” he said.

In spite of strong competition from neighbouring Turkey, which has many special offers, there is a significant flow of tourism to Greece from Russia, according to Korniev.

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