Greek prosecutor proposes not to indict Golden Dawn MP for illicit recording of conversation

A public prosecutor recommended to the Council of Appeals on Wednesday not to indict Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris over the illicit recording in 2013 of a conversation with the then New Democracy cabinet secretary Panagiotis Baltakos, during which they discussed a judicial investigation into the party’s alleged criminal activities.

According to the 32-page psoposal of the prosecutor Antonis Liogas, the disputed conversation concerned issues of public interest which could be the subject of a briefing of public opinion.

“The disputed conversation took place in the staff office of the government’s Secretary General with the door was open and the entry of third parties was allowed. It did not infringe on or even mention a person’s private life,” the prosecutor said.

“On the contrary, it was a primarily professional-political debate that took place in the framework of the official duties by Takis Baltakos as general secretary of the government and which, because of the nature and type of these duties, is subject to scrutiny and criticism,” he concluded.

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