Passenger traffic up 21.9 pct in Athens airport in June‏

Passenger traffic in the Athens International Airport grew 21.9 pct in June, compared with the same month last year, to 1.88 million passengers, with domestic passenger traffic rising 24.3 pct and international passenger traffic rising 20.6 pct in the month.

Domestic traffic totaled 660,759 passengers in June, from 531,704 in the same month last year, while international traffic totaled 1.2 million passengers, from 1.0 million last year. Greek travelers grew 10 pct while foreign passengers rose by 29 pct.

In the six-month period from January to June, passenger traffic totaled around 8.0 million passengers, up 23 pct from the same period last year. Domestic traffic totaled 2,886,832 passengers in the first half, up 27 pct, while international traffic totaled 5,086,256, up 21 pct. Greek travelers grew 18 pct while foreign visitors rose 28 pct in the first half.

The number of flights in the Athens International Airport rose 18.2 pct in June to 18,000, with domestic flights rising 18.7 pct and international flights rising 17.8 pct (7,840 and 10,169 respectively).

In the first half, the number of flights totaled 80,000, up 17.4 pct from the same period last year. Domestic flights rose 13.9 pct and international flights rose 20.1 pct.

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