List of 85 prominent Greeks sign declaration supporting 'yes' vote

A list of 85 prominent Greeks - including actors, authors, athletes, business people, academics and politicians - on Thursday signed a declaration expressing their support for a 'yes' vote in the upcoming referendum on Sunday, urging Greeks to vote "Yes to Greece, Yes to the Euro."

Explaining their positions in a press conference, Athens University Economics Prof. Giorgos Pagoulatos expressed his conviction that a 'no' result will unavoidably lead to Greece's exit from the eurozone and the EU, collapse of the banking system, a bank bail-in and ultimately, extreme conditions of extreme inequality.

He rated the chances of an agreement as extremely low and criticised the referendum as "pushing the limits of Constitutional legality".

ELIAMEP head Loukas Tsoukalis disagreed with the government's belief that a 'no' vote will strengthen its hand in the negotiations and pointed out that things will be very difficult even if Greeks return a 'yes' in the referendum, with a very difficult upward course but the prospects of something better.

Former European Parliament Vice-president Anny Podimata said that there was "no reason not to resist the deeply divisive spirit introduced by the affair of the referendum" but also no reason to "continue the lies".

Another rally in favour of a yes vote is due to take place on Friday, at the Panathenian stadium in Athens.

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