KKE will not vote any agreement on FYROM issue


The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) will not vote any agreement on the FYROM issue, whatever it might be, stated KKE parliamentary spokesman Thanassis Pafilis during a press conference at the city of Chania, Crete on Wednesday.

He said that the aim of the solution is to encourage FYROM’s accession to the European Union and the NATO. “We will not give our consent for FYROM to get into a murderous organisation”, he said.

Pafilis reiterated his party’s adamant position and opposition to the presence of foreign military bases in Greece and made a special reference to Souda base, calling it “a murderers’ base”.

Referring to Turkey’s aggression, he said that it is not related with internal issues but it dangerously escalating its demands on the Aegean.

Speaking of the condition inside Greece he called the government’s claims that the country is exiting the memoranda a fairy tale and a mockery for the people.

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