Potami says SYRIZA must 'end absurdity' of MPs being both the government and the opposition

Opposition party Potami urged the government on Thursday to “put an end to absurdity” of having half of the main coalition partner SYRIZA governing and the other half operating as the opposition.

“For the first time possibly in world history we have ministers saying ‘we’ll keep our positions, but we’ll vote against the prime minister’s proposals’,” the party said in a statement.

“This brazen and unethical attitude will not be accepted by society … We cannot have half of SYRIZA in government and the other half in the opposition,” it added.

Potami noted that the danger of exiting the Eurozone has not been overcome yet, so the plan must be prevented.

It also said party leader Stavros Theodorakis had a telephone conversation with German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel with whom he discussed the result of the parliamentary vote on Wednesday and asked him to do all he can to secure the widest possible majority for the Greek deal in the German parliament.

Gabriel expressed his certainty that the majority of German lawmakers will back the deal.

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