Hellenic Statistical Authority: Greek car sales up 18.7 pct in May


Greek car sales grew 18.7 pct in May, totaling 19,977 vehicles (new or used), from 16,826 in the same month last year, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Monday.

The statistics service, in a report, said that new car sales totaled 13,159 in May, up 14.8 pct from the same month last year.

In the January-May period, car sales totaled 88,488 vehicles (new and used) from 68,645 in the corresponding period in 2017, an increase of 28.9 pct. New car sales totaled 52,940 in the five-month period, up 22.3 pct.

Motorcycle sales totaled 4,828 in May, up 16.3 pct from May 2017, with new motorcycle sales rising 16.1 pct to 4,416. In the five-month period, motorcycle sales totaled 13,934, up 19.9 pct from the same period last year. New motorcycle sales were up 20.3 pct in the five-month period.

New truck sales rose 3.8 pct in the January-May period, despite a 15.1 pct decline in May, sales of buses jumped 83.3 pct in May totaling 33 buses, or 122 in the five-month period.

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