Greece 'speeds up' with its first High Performance Computer

National Research and Technology Network managing director Panagiotis Tsanakas, in an interview with ANA-MPA, explained the importance of the High Performance Computer that is available in Greece as of Tuesday.

Tsanakas, who is also a Professor at the National Technical University (NTUA), stressed the importance of this High Performance Computer especially for Greek researchers. Its use will be initially free for everyone while foreign researchers will also have access to it.

The High Performance Computer is installed on a specially designed secured underground space, about 100 square meters, in the main building of the Education ministry.

The system will be available - for the first two months on a pilot basis - to researchers of all universities, technological institutes and research centers of our country.

The total cost (excluding VAT) was 2.6 million euros, including the air-conditioning system, the monitoring system, the cost of installation and training of personnel. The supply and installation of the system, following an international tender that took place about a year and half ago, was made within the project 'PRACE-GR', which was co-financed by European funds.

The Greek system has 426 computer nodes, offers a total of more than 8,500 processing cores (CPU cores) interconnected network FDR Infiniband, an interface technology that offers very low latency and high bandwidth. It also has modern software tools for the development of various applications such as compilers, scientific libraries and scientific applications suites.

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