Role of digital media discussed by Minister Kollia-Tsarouha, head of ANA-MPA Psilos

The role of digital media, their relation with traditional outlets and their future was discussed at an event organised by Athens-Macedonian News Agency at the 12th International Book Exhibition in Thessaloniki on Friday.

The event, titled “Media in the digital age”, hosted speeches by Deputy Minister for Macedonia-Thrace Maria Kollia-Tsarouha and the President and General Director of ANA-MPA Michalis Psilos, among others.

The discussion centered on whether digital media will replace, supplement or dominate traditional media in the information sector and to what extend this raises issues of accuracy, credibility and professional ethics.

Commenting on the issue, Psilos said that data in Greece and around the world show that press and traditional media are in decline, drawing attention to the fact that major newspapers abroad are switching to digital form, which adds to the complex framework of information and communication on the Internet.

He also discussed about ANA-MPA, its domestic and international collaborations, the five recent deals with other foreign agencies and large media, the online services offered to subscribers and the generally all the deals secured by ANA-MPA to better respond to its role in this new world of digital media and communication.

“The Athens-Macedonian News Agency can make a great contribution in this sector. We’re public information medium. We don’t depend on economic, commercial or any other interests. Our aim is to promote our national issues objectively abroad and, secondly, our main aim is to return to society,” Psilos said in his speech.

“We want to focus on informing society and reporting on its problems and we are now forming work groups in every sector. If we turn our attention to society and its problems, then society will recognize the role that media used to have. From now on, this is the only ‘signature’ that ANA-MPA’s news will bear,” he added.

Commenting on a memorandum of cooperation which was signed between ANA-MPA and trade fair organiser TIF-Helexpo SA, under which the agency will become Helexpo's official promotion medium, its president Tasos Tzikas said noted the mutual benefits from the cooperation and added that Helexpo’s radio station will be utilized because of the deal.

Minister Kollia-Tsarouha said that lately there’s a “deficit in journalistic responsibility and ethics, at least in commercial, central media,” adding that many commercial media choose to be biased or careless which reduces people’s trust in them”.

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